by Riccardo Barone 


Whilst people were finding a seatable solution, waiting for the firy show to start, at the Empyrian Gluttony a DJ was standing at the top of the stage handing out some introducting vibes. The audience is sitting in a semi-open space, which was sold out.
The show starts with her, the Spanish punisher with her long sensual whip introducing all the Artists. Obviously every number had fire and sensuality involved. The first artist had a major impact on women in the audience for his sensual dance with sticks on fire. Same kind of sensual impact, on men this time, the second artist on her ice-skates (on a small rounded base) which her arch and arrows (spectacularly shooting using her feet) capture everyone’s attention on her swing. Same for the following artist who jumped backwards three times with a long sword in his deep-throat. Sensual and provocative, involving the audience, the singer-actress lights a fire in everyone’s smile with her number on an a in flamed scenario. And it’s unforgettable the hornpipe player with flames coming out from the instrument while he’s performing some classics from AcDc, Queen and others. Surpises never end, because the final acrobatic fire dance between the conductor and his husband greets everyone and wishes a sensual night to all.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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