by Riccardo Barone


A simple soldier. An Aussie soldier. No, not really a soldier, one of them, Commandos, one man army. Not really. Let’s start again: a  young mankind, a “chocolate soldier”, butcher meat, hero with no glory, someone who tried to be a soldier. What could have been the daily life of a soldier in the 1942 during the second world war and, to be precise, during the New Guinea campaign?
The director Peter Maddern explores feelings, emotions, common actions who hide behind a human being and underlines how the war can transform a simple person, unable to embrace a weapon, in a merciless  revenge-thirsty one.
A solo performance, the actor Todd Gray lets everyone witnessing on his intense performance as a soldier.  Spectacular the interaction between theatre and cinema, due war footages projected on the stage becoming scenography.

The author’s historical reconstruction is so detailed and I can see similarities regarding the lack of military training in Australia with the rest of the world. Similarly, for example, is the Italian campaign in Russia where soldiers have been sent in the pure hibernating weather with pots and forks!
Kokoda is what everyone should know, story of a simple men across the history of Australia.

Kryztoff Rating  5K

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