FRINGE 2018 – Comedy/Improv – Unplotted Potter – Tandanya – 4K

By Julia Cudsi

Another Fringe staple for repeat attendees, Unplotted Potter is the brainchild of local improv troupe Scriptease.

As the title suggests, this show is one for the Harry Potter fans – each night, an extremely minor character from the Potterverse is selected (via the scientific process of a name drawn from a hat and audience applause) and the entire show is improvised around that character. For Saturday’s show, this character was Madam Malkin, a squat, kindly witch whose greatest dream was to run a robe shop on Diagon Alley. As is typically the case with improvised theatre, murder and mayhem ensued – along with a great deal of hilarity.

Although this show is (accurately) billed as being all about Potter, that does not diminish the enjoyment factor for those few who, like myself, are not fans of JK Rowling’s work. If you are looking for a fun night out with some friends enjoying some fantastic local talent, then you can’t go wrong with Unplotted Potter.


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