Who would have thought that a pre-apocalypse party could be so much fun?

Laurie Black welcomes us into her living room and regales us with apocalypse-tips, poetry and song. With her warmth, wit and charm she soon has the audience doing anything she asks them to do, even when she’s telling them not to do it. At times feisty and strong, at other times vulnerable and exposed, this classically trained pianist uses her voice to great effect in both spoken word and song. Her infectious passion for life shines throughout and makes one think that there may still be hope for the planet and for humankind.

Friendly to the last, Laurie Black stayed back after the show to chat and thank us for getting out into real life, for getting away from screens, and for helping her celebrate her birthday.
I am still smiling as “You light up my life – like a disposable lighter” runs through my head.

A triumph of contemporary alternative cabaret.

March 15th is your last chance to catch the show at La Boheme. Laurie’s other show : Bad Luck Cabaret (which has been getting great reviews) is still happening at Le Petite Grande at Gluttony for a while longer yet.

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