Fringe 2018: James Donald Forbes McCann: McCann-dle in the Wind – 4.5K, Raj House


James McCann tackles everything from Catholicism, to sex clowns, to call centres (or, as he terms them, ‘hope graveyards’) in his new show, “James Donald Forbes McCann: McCann-dle in the Wind”.

A favourite in Adelaide’s comedy scene, McCann doesn’t hold back as he dissects his upcoming marriage, his previous (depressing) work history, and the newly-found religion in his life that has led him to meet some interesting folk that have figured out that cocaine is fine during lent (the priest said so).

That’s part of McCann’s charm – nothing in his life is off limits, and he’s not afraid to poke fun at himself. He’s also not afraid to pick on comedy generally, and other comedians – something that in this ever-growing Fringe comedy section, flooded with big names and big egos, is fantastic to keep everyone else in check.

McCann is also a master at working the audience – both with them, and to make fun of them and keep hecklers in line. There’s just the right amount of improvisation, particularly at the beginning of the show, which injects an extra element of fun and shock value.

Grab a ticket to James Donald Forbes McCann before the Fringe is done – you won’t be disappointed.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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