FRINGE 2018 – INTERACTIVE – #SelfiesAfterDark – BRKLYN – 4K

#SelfiesAfterDark is a very unique experience that one does not really expect from a show. Coming in with no expectations at all, be a little bit confused where the show is really going to take place or what the show is going to be about.

The production goes on and there was a subtle transition to when it actually started, that makes it feel like you’re part of the lives of the characters. The audience are taken to be part of the show by supposedly Steph’s friend, Alicia. Very charismatic and true to her character. There was a small walk away from the venue which was unexpected. Alicia kept making me think that she is a real person rather than a performer. Her stage was the streets, and it made it feel so surreal.

As we go along and witness Steph’s life through her Instagram stories,  it can be confusing how the concept of someone else’s Instagram story can be ‘hijacked’ with ‘stolen footages’— but if you leave that mentality behind and just allow the story unfold right before your eyes, it is highly entertaining. I’ll put an emphasis that the experience felt like being part of the story. There can be some existential issues within the performance when you look around Adelaide’s east end wondering if it was part of the show or just the city being what it is.

It’s not all walking as the audience were taken in the ‘club’ on her guest list and get to fully witness the full story and what happens next. Here you’ll watch some amazing acting from the characters which once again can truly pass as a true to life drama.

Overall, it was a  fun and unique approach to storytelling indeed. Don’t forget to bring your Instagram-ready smartphone and some earphones for the best experience!


Kryztoff Rating 4K


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