by Riccardo Barone


Can the clitoris save humanity?

Ava Bogle, writer, actor, filmmaker, comedian and sex blogger based in LA, writes and perform this hilarious show interpreting six different characters who alternate on the stage. Six women from outher space on a mission: clitoris, this unknown, is the key (from the Greek κλείς – key) to unlock the pleasure, this unknown as well. Each alien shows a well defined and caricaturistic personality: the naive one, the party animal one, the yoga freak one, the femme fatale one, all of them will interact with each other on a short movie projected on the background and then appear singly on the stage.
Attempts to save the humanity from the destruction, because you-know-who will push the red button starting the nuclear world war; they will teach you how to push the right red button, trying to capture the desire of that human sitting in the first row of the Room at the Crown and the Anchor, which is quite full, with a teasing response.

Directed by Rachel Avery, the brochure is inviting you to discover not only the pleasure project presented tonight but the one between your legs too!

Kryzstoff rating: 4K

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