by Riccardo Barone

What happens if Cher would consider having a try on Barbara Streisand’s one? How would it sound like if Whitney Houston starts to sing Celine Dion?

Christina Bianco’s voice is extremely flexible, in a continuous metamorphosis, a firework with a noticeable virtuosity which states “We are our past heroes”. It is impossible to not be under the influence of who we grew up with; our favourite musicians are impressed for ever in our hearts and minds becoming the peel of our skin.

The show looks like a trip in her childhood/adolescence, where she let us witness her crushes on her favourite singers in an original way, interacting with the pianist who rings the bell and asks for the next song in alphabetical order, as a quiz show, leaving room for some acting and reading in the same style as Barbra Streisand.

The Pianist/Music Director himself sings a couple of songs with her and everything else flows in its best.
The audience explodes in laughter/screams as a natural consequence of such an energetic – hilarious show.
The band consists in guitar, bass/double bass, drums, piano. The songs ‘ arrangements are very clever and well performed, where styles and genres mix with each other in a logical manner.

This opening night couldn’t be more exciting, enthusiastic and sparkling.

Kryztoff rating: 5k

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