by Riccardo Barone

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50 shades of opera is the truth! Erotism, passion, fire, seduction are hidden in the opera libretto, here showed and wisely enhanced by the duo Antoniette Halloran/Patrick Lawrence. Their catchy cabaret interacts with the audience and steals many tears because the moving interpretation of classics from “Send in the clowns” to “Quando m’en vó” by Giacomo Puccini.

The scene spins around a girl searching for love in a coffee. Her partner in crime: the pianist which suggests her tricks and tips on how to not fail the mission.
Have been performed biographical sketches on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his wife Nannarel, on Giacomo Puccini and his secret (not really secret) lover letting everyone understand how contemporary could be the love-scenario and its procedures of centuries ago.

The arrangements are brilliant, adapted ad hoc and performed with precision and passion, enhancing and translating the emotions from the scene to the score, rich of madrigalismi.

During the quiet moments of the show live music coming from next door was heardt by chatty audience being disappointed.
But the show must go on and on till she has an unexpected climatic experience…

Kryztoff rating: 4k

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