by Riccardo Barone

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Total eclipse of the heart… just because a partial one is not enough!
Sunglasses at night, an iconic song just to describe a past generation made up with heartaches, hangovery headaches, stories of everyday life that sucks more and more, sadness as a life-pose and success as time line life crescendo (from the stalls to the stars).

After five minutes waiting for something to happen, the pianist walks to the stage and between chords and melodies meaows on the mic all of that “so eighty” sounds effects.

Geraldine Quinn gradually walks between the audience and once reaches the stage she will make you sing along with her theatrical voice, enhancing and wisely exaggerating the lyrics of the repertoire, pure stereotypes and cliches of the ’80s which, for your karaokeing pleasure, are displayed on a white screen. These handwritten lyrics come straight from a teen-ager full of Madonna and Simon Le Bon posters hanged on the walls of her room, with comments and notes on it between brackets showing all her heartbreakings, after she has just finished to note them on a piece of paper going back and forward on her stereo-cassette, in the melancholic and angry days of her adolescence, giving room even for some funny rebus.

Be ready to be picked up from your seat and play a very old game on the stage: Le belle statuine will toss you back in your childhood where you were naturally testing your acting and modelling skills.

Be prepared to blow into 99 luftballons and see them flying all around the Art Space till the end of the song or till someone will purposely stomp on them.

Kriztoff rating: 3.5k

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