THE SHIFT – Underbelly – 3K

By Peter Maddern

The words ‘physical theatre’ are now used in polite and knowledgeable circles to describe what has hitherto been called circus (and it is to be noted the Underbelly people defer to the use of Circus Hub to describe their Meadows precinct.)

But if ever the term is apt, it is with this four-person team (three guys, one girl) of the Barely Methodical Troupe who grace the square at the centre of Beauty with an array of grace, grunt, some hairy gyrations and the occasional moments of wit. The show’s link, which is somewhat weak (though not perhaps as much as the even more occasional background music), is blue rubber bands.

It’s all engaging and captivating but until the, at times, sublime use of a large hoop that the show finishes with it can be considered a bit ‘been there done that’. Nonetheless, families and adults alone were at the finish fulsome in their praise of the quartet and none can claim that this is the stuff one could just take up as a new hobby at home.

Kryztoff Rating 3K

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