FRINGE 2019 – Garry Starr Conquers Troy – 4K – Gluttony (Masonic Hall)

Garry Starr completely exceeded all my expectations when I saw his last show, Garry Starr Performs Everything, at last year’s Fringe – he was a truly unique comedian and an intelligent one to boot.

Garry Starr Conquers Troy takes the classics and reworks them for the “low-brow” (modern) audiences. Garry Star – skilled actor, or “skactor” – walks you through his new book chapter-by-chapter, as he teaches you how to act for a variety of different platforms. Through mime, voice work, learning lines through ‘osmosis’, and a hell of a lot of hilarious audience participation (in this reviewer’s session, a very keen chap who was nicknamed Sausage), Garry Starr uses the fall of Troy as the actor’s playground.

Garry Starr’s a ridiculously funny man. But more than that, his humour is ridiculously smart – the funniest moments are in the word-play, the subtle gestures, the clever and witty mixing of references old and new. That’s the mark of a good comedian in control of his craft. Garry’s going places, that’s for sure.

Garry mentioned that this was the second ever performance of Troy, and in parts this shows (albeit in minor ways). But, I predict that this time next year, Garry Starr will be back in Adelaide with a bigger, better version of this show – even though it won’t take much to get there.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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