by Riccardo Barone

The Maths Lawns slowly started to increase its number of attendees while between a couple of Proseccos and lovely people around the show is about to start.
Severed Heads open the stage between amazement and surprise, experience and psychedelic atmosphere. People are still warming up, only a few of the courageous ones (who, me?) start to open the dance. Active since 1979, this historical electronic band hypnotises the audience with their ep from the ’80s Petrol plus their last works with the obvious support of the giant screen.
The enthusiasm increases after a short break, because here they are! The Orbital enter the 3D stage with their solar headphones in an explosion of lights. The adrenaline starts to pump up and the Maths Lawns turn on into a festive garden. Some of them are still enchanted by the pyrotechnic performance of their last album Monsters exist, showing their mature upgraded sound deriving from decades of experience without forgetting the past.

Kriztoff rating: 5k

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