By Ben Watson

This show is an audio-visual extravaganza. The Japanese dance group lacks no entertainment value despite their limited use of speech. The show is divided into a selection of uniquely designed audio-visual interactions, most of which have the group matching their movements to the music and/or visuals, a routine requiring expert timing and positioning.

With their monochromatic outfits and white-face mime-like makeup, the performance employs an exceptional projection-oriented display, vibrantly lighting the group as they align their movements to the visual display. Although consisting of only four performers, the group utilises visual effects to project silhouettes – creating a greater perceived stage presence at times.

With the loud sounds of techno music beating throughout the act, the performers are synchronised seamlessly with their trademark SIRO-A choreography and alluring video effects. Full credit to the video and audio technician, providing the backbone for this performance.

After receiving global praise through their appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2015, it is no surprise the group continues to impress crowds of all ages some years later. Light-hearted family friendly comedy is sprinkled amongst an array of cartwheels and somersaults.

A show perfect for the whole family; funny, fast-paced, visually amazing and full of flare. Squeals of toddlers were competing with the bellowing chuckles of their fathers.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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