Arthur Hardy: The Forgotten Hero Of The Hills – 5K

by Riccardo Barone

Did Adelaide forget one of its most prominent and fundamental figures of the 19th century?
A man, migrated from Yorkshire (England), barrister, business man and maecenas: the Mount Lofty House has reasons to exist thanks to Arthur Hardy, its builder. we could go further listing all the important contributions this man gave to develop the city of Adelaide.
The Star Theatres does the honors of Peter Maddern’s show, directed by Malcolm Harslett with David Cronin, Julie Wilkins and Charles Herkes. The show focuses on the last life’s years of a man that has been worn-out by creditors and tuberculosis, cruel destiny of someone that played the main character for all his life in the Adelaide development scene.
You will love this adorable oldie, who makes time to receive his nephew while denying himself to formal visitors. A clear picture of his life and personality has been told through the dialogues with his nurse and his nephew. Sometimes his memories appear on the scene like a time machine, letting the other characters playing his part becoming orchestrator of the past. A past which is hard to forget, suddenly confused with reality inhabited with phantasms of love, a love that has already physically but not psychologically left his daily life boosted with drinks furtively and quickly sipped out of his nurse’s sight.
His nephew plays an important role in his life: the heir to the throne maybe? He is a young law student, finely dressed, by polite ways, which gives the old grandpa a reason to be pride of, turning on a light of hope into his tired heart that all has not been done for nothing.

Kryztoff rating: 5k

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