LEHMO – Younger than Brad Pitt – Rhino Room – 4K

By Peter Maddern

Anthony Lehman deserves a lot of credit for making the most of his career in comedy. After eschewing a career as an accountant and, more than 25 years ago, leaving Adelaide for Melbourne, Lehmo has carved out a career as a comedian, radio show host and TV personality.

He’s 50 now, a revelation or confession around which his new show pivots, the most important aspect of that age being that he is younger than Brad Pitt and so he can still aspire to look as good as he did in that debacle Once Upon A Time In Hollywood once he reaches that star’s current age.

Given the list of physical and mental defects that he spoke of that now maladies his life, his show also gave hope to those even older than Mr Pitt that things aren’t as bad as we thought.

This is a terrific show bringing to the fore all his comedic insights, warmth and charms as he gently sips away an imported beer on stage. Unlike many of his rivals who clean up in this town at this time of year, he is a genuinely funny man who does not resort to base attempts at humour when they seem to run out of material, and his time with serving troops in the Middle East speak to his level ego and world perspective.

Just why such a performer can only generate a crowd of 35 at the start of his five night home-town season is quite beyond me. Lehmo is great; great fun and a great guy.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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