FRINGE MUSIC – Amity Dry: Highway Superstar – Gluttony – Empire Theatre 4K

By Fiona Talbot – Leigh

Amity Dry has been through a lot these past years and riding on the success of her last two sell out shows; 39 Forever and Fortified, she is now in the mood for a little fun as her offering this time around is Highway Superstar. A high energy, fast paced show which is not only incredibly fun to watch but as an audience member, you get to sing along too.

Amity draws on her inner ‘dag’ as she brings to life many of the classic hit songs from the 80’s and 90’s; the songs she would sing into her hairbrush when she was a kid. Looking every bit an 80’s child, Amity steps out in tight black pants and sparkly Cold Chisel T shirt starting the show by belting out one of Jimmy Barnes hits, ‘Driving Wheels.’

Amity’s voice lifted the roof right from the start as she instantly transported all there back to the 1980’s. She made it clear from the beginning, that the show would be a joint effort and invited the audience to take the ride with her on life’s highway and to not be afraid to sing out loud and proud the songs we knew and loved. There is even a chance to join Amity onstage at one point during the show as she brings together an impromptu choir for a number.

Like a fine wine, Amity Dry’s voice just keeps  getting better with age. Her sublime vocals were put to the test this time around though as her song list was compiled of many different genre’s including those driven by male vocals and Amity hit it out of the ball park every single time. She made it look so easy and yes we all sound good singing along to the radio but turn the sound down and it’s another story! But these songs were safe in Amity’s hands as her agile and rich vocals paid tribute to every single one.

To fit in as many favourites as she can, Amity composed clever medleys of songs, so you can be sure one of your favourites will be in there somewhere.

Amity is joined once again by the very charismatic and charming Jamie Burgess who this time around was more centre stage, much to the delight of the audience. He is such a character and along with his marvellous music skills, he injected real spark and enthusiasm into the show. These two are good friends as well so the banter between them was teasingly light and joyful.

For an entire hour Amity Dry makes heaven a place on earth; so grab your besties and get along to see this show. Leave your problems at the door and don’t bother to pick them up again on your way out. Instead,  just turn the radio up in your car and belt out your favourite songs and let Highway Superstar lead you all the way home.


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