RAW: Ballet Revolucion – Her Majesty’s – 4.5K

After an initial three minute tease of somewhat placid, traditional ballet, the Cuban fun machine dance company of Ballet Revolucion exploded onto the Her Majesty’s stage last night to deliver a wonderful two hours of entertainment.

Ballet Revolucion is a fusion of ballet, contemporary dance and modern hip hop performed by a 17 person strong company, 12 of whom were male. The sounds that inspire the choreography are a blend of classic Cuban, modern Latin American and RnB hits by such artists as Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Santana, Usher, Beyonce and Prince and were played (often in darkness) by a pumping five piece band and two singers.

The audience, perhaps 80% female (suggesting all that expensive advertising Blaze was somewhat a waste of money) revelled in the show, demanding more with foot stomping and cheering.

One has to admire the fitness and agility of the dancers, with barely a bead of sweat appearing throughout some demanding routines after which most would not have even blown out a candle.

The dancers, with a mix of traditional training and gutsy street dancing, may not mesmerise the aficionados, but delight the crowd they did, displaying no shortage of bare flesh set off often with bright tones – white shirts, black singlets, red dresses and blue jackets.

The first half produced the better ensemble pieces but the second half had a lift in quality and impact of lighting. Alejandro Peres Fernandez and Idania Digna La Villa Palenzuela the best of the dancers.

Big touring companies in this day and age are rare but for a sheer pulsating, sensual blitzkrieg on the eyes and ears, Ballet Revolucion delivered the goods. With the dance season now in full swing (ADT etc to now come), this may well be as exhilarating a night of dance as you will see this year.

Kryztoff Rating   4.5K

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