RAW: Fashion Festival – TAFE Parade

By Meagan Burbidge

In my opinion, there’s a few different ways you can view a fashion show. A retail buyer might think of selling potential – the collections ability to be marketed, an editor might looking for something to make a statement – that special piece to lift their next cover, the journalist looks for the something newsworthy – an emerging trend or quirky twist, whilst the majority may just be in it for the curiosity, the excitement of seeing something new and creative, and let’s be honest, the free gift bag. I’ve heard rumours that couture shows in Europe present guests with outrageously expensive gifts – Tiffany’s keychain anyone? –  and whilst the TAFESA Graduates Parade didn’t quite meet the bench on this front, the show certainly delivered in standards of creative talent.

This year’s graduate’s all varied greatly in their concepts and execution, demonstrating a plethora of different styles sure to satisfy anybodies viewing expectations or desires. I won’t lie, there were a few collections I won’t name which weren’t exactly garnered to my personal taste, as well as a surprising (and slightly alarming?) amount of satin on show, but there were definitely some standouts which will surely guarantee successful futures for their designers.

Photo Provided By Alyce Roberts, Image By Phebe Rendulic

First mention should rightfully go to the winner of this year’s prize, Georgia Guy whose collection featured assertive tailoring yet emanated sexiness in the way of luxe and textured fabrics in a jewel-toned colour palette.  Continuing with the femininity but in a somewhat more house-wifey way, Nicole Davis’s reflected 50’s glamour. Those familiar with the award winning television series mad-men will definitely appreciate the perfect balance between sexiness and modesty she displayed. Keeping with the vintage-inspired, Jasmine had me wanting to hop to the beach despite it hardly hitting ten degrees outside. Reminiscent of summer break, this collection is ideal to take you from sandcastles to mojitos.

For those after modernity, Kate Aikins range is almost celestial, using deep sparse prints on plenty of black to create a spunky and sexy collection of pieces perfect for the nightlife. Alyce Robert’s collection of pieces featured contrasting geometric patterns in rich colours, creating a look which reminded me of interior decor – in a good way. Like work wear meets tribal, the range chose simple silhouettes to pair with eclectic patterns, making it both wearable and eye-catching.

Speaking of eye-catching, Libby Spring’s collection, ‘Entoloma’, certainly fit the bill, with extraordinary creations inspired by nature. Whilst the words bulbous or fungi do little to inspire gorgeous imagery, it somewhat describes the pieces which were more portable art than something you’d pop to the shop in. Intriguing to look at, the collection is difficult to describe – the clothes sort of looked like they were growing mushrooms… but in a beautiful and truly unique way I promise!

The new graduates are doing the SA fashion scene proud, Melbourne watch out.

If you think you could give them a run for their money, jump on to the TAFESA website and get yourself enrolled in a course.

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