RAW: David Strassman – Careful What you Wish For – Dunstan Playhouse

David Strassman, the world renown ventriloquist is back in Adelaide with a brand new show. Careful What you Wish For must be Strassman’s 5th show he brings to our shores since the early 1990’s when he leapt from comedy clubs to the theatre stage right here in Adelaide.

Of course accompanied by Chuck Wood, more vulgar than ever to the audiences enjoyment, and of course the crowd favourite Ted E. Bear, innocent as ever, who was joined by many of his cousins in the audience. Back as well are Kevin and Sid joined by a few new and old characters.

The audience is entertained from start to finish with Careful What you Wish For which takes a journey down parallel realities where we meet some of the characters alternate selves and Strassman in dire trouble trying to find a way back home, all thanks to a wish app.

It is refreshing to see a talented artist who really connects with his audience, and noticeably has as much fun as the audience. Easily overseen are the odd slip ups on opening night with Strassman himself noticing most of them and for good measure a few improvised lines thrown in at appropriate moments.

A must see show for those who want real entertainment with plenty of great laughs. The audience was electrified at the end with Strassman’s talent being on everyone’s lips.

Extra shows have been added with the season now running until 27 November.

Careful What you Wish For is MA rated and not suitable for children under 12.

Kryztoff Rating   5K

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