FRINGE – Dave Thornton – The Some of all the Parts – Rhino Room 4.5K

By Fiona Gardner

In Rhino’s basement, David Thorton presents a classic standup comedy, on a small stage with a traditional red curtain. This homegrown comedian produces a light act comedy. Using boundless Australian references, David takes you on a journey through his fears of making comedy for the youth of today.

Dave Thorton brings the audience to laughter within minutes, which continues throughout the show. This refreshing witty act, which composes of a serious of events that displays his stupidity in his youth, to his intelligence of today. With his personality seems constantly on edge, David share’s his natural anxieties and personal experiences.

If you are looking for a genuine talent, David Thorton is here. His act is without unnecessary profanity and attacks on minority groups. Dave keeps it real in a good old Aussie way; a true rebel at heart, Dave Thorton produces a sincere comedy act!

Kryztoff Rating     4.5K

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