FRINGE – Paul Foot – Still Life – Cinema Nova until March 18 – 4K

Paul Foot, we all know him as Robin Da Hood from that add in his red suit, the comedian from the UK. Stop, No let’s not call him a comedian, let’s describe him as a strange little guy who through his eccentric weirdness, who seems to have fits during his rants, who seems to be outright out of this world strangely weird, entertains crowds to the fullest.

In his first Adelaide Fringe appearance, thanks to the immigration departments mistake not reading the Adelaide City Councils request in time to not let him in, Paul is able to educate that there is a different level of comedy, which can only be presented by a few, such as Paul, who’s minds we will never understand, do we even understand all of his comedy?

And laughter after fits of laughter follow, starting with the off stage announcement,  followed by some more off stage announcement, a brief glimpse into Paul Foot’s performance. Before the show begins a great and lengthy planning session is held, in detail. Once the show begins, with ‘glimpses’, some rather disturbing, meeting Penny, beware, learning about Pierce Brosnan’s plan on running a cockerel sanctuary, pineapple’s prevail above guava, no none of it is the typical stand up comedy, but filled with plenty of ‘What the’ moments. Following the recap the crowd is very reluctant to leave.

Paul foot sure has a weird way of entertaining, but he is a most entertaining person to see.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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