Riverdance – Festival Theatre until May 20 – 5K

Riverdance is back in Adelaide for a very short season, only until May 20, for its Farewell Tour.

Opening at the Festival Theatre to a near full house it’s not difficult to see why Riverdance quickly developed into a full stage show which has now been seen by some  22 million people worldwide throughout 32 countries over 16 years, after it originated as a 7 minute performance during an interval of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest.

In essence it is the story of the Irish culture and of the Irish immigration to America and originally choreographed by Michael Flatley consisting mainly of traditional Irish stepdancing.

This performance is a mesmerizing masterpiece combining the Irish stepdancing and the beautiful score composed by Bill Whelan, which is wonderfully played by the band directed by Guy Rickarby, and sung by very  talented singers including an amazing angelic solo passage.

In contrast to the Irish stepdancing which is known for its rapid leg movements while body and arms are kept very rigid, there are several amazing Flamenco performances by Rocio Montoya and the very entertaining Tappers, Kelly Isaac and Michael E. Wood who also performs a baritone solo.

Definitely a must see for the whole family, Riverdance is full of energy and Irish happiness. Beware some new young dancers may be discovered during the interval of this 2 hour performance.

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Kryztoff Rating   5K

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