Cabaret Festival – Eddie Perfect’s Misanthropology – 5K

By Peter Maddern

After a weird intro that ended with Eddie arriving in a crisp grey suit and a space helmet, his full house at the Playhouse were well rewarded with a wonderfully funny hour of Perfect’s observations on current Australian life.

And you have to admire a performer with such broad interests in the world around him that he can cover such diverse fields with such bite as Kerri-Anne Kennerley, eco-lodges, tri-athletes, breast implants and contemporary theatre.

But patrons be warned – you need to leave your political correctness and the planks of your middle class life at the door because otherwise you may, as quite some did last night, find this brash 30 something year old rather confronting and unsettling. Where Barry Humphries made us laugh about ourselves, our possessions and personas, Eddie takes on our beliefs about what is right and wrong and slices them up delightfully.

Put simply, Eddie delivers perfectly a great hour of music and humour and any shows he puts on in this town ought to be keenly attended.

Kryztoff Rating    5K

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