Cabaret Festival – Kane Alexander – All I Know – 3K

Last night, former northern Victorian country boy, Kane Alexander, now of New York, regaled his audience with a delight for connoisseurs of the New York cabaret style. With his excellent voice, good looks, likeable patter and smile, Alexander also displayed his knowledge of the genre with songs ranging from Steven Schwartz, Jerry Herman, Alan J.Lerner through to Roy Orbison and Il Divo.

For those who reminisce about the old style, old Blue Eyes and all that, close your eyes and Kane will certainly take you back. Even for those just eager ‘to catch a show’, All I Know would nicely suffice. But, in the context of this year’s cabaret festival, Alexander’s show just simply lacked the edge that so many others this year have delivered. There was, as examples, none of the confronting humour of Eddie Perfect, the emotional thunderbolts of a Mark Nadler, the novelty of the Brian Cadd and David Bromley romps or the strongly thematic and acrobatic show of Katie Noonan and Circa.

Fine voice, great backing band, pleasant hour but not memorable.

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