Big Day Out – Gemini Downs – RED Stage 12.15pm

Big Day Out – Adelaide – RED Stage 12.15pm

It’s Adelaide’s biggest party of the year and local indie-pop sensation Gemini Downs can’t wait to get the Big Day Out party started, playing the RED stage at 12.15pm.

The seven-piece band is well known for throwing memorable parties, especially after their single launch last month had all of Adelaide asking “Who’s Frank?”

“We certainly do know how to throw a party,” said singer and guitarist Jessica Braithwaite.

“The film clip for our latest single ‘Jangle’ featured a bloke named Frank who had the unenviable experience of no one showing up to his last birthday party.

“So we decided to turn his luck around and throw a birthday party that he, and Adelaide, would never forget.

“I mean how many bands do you know that can round up their friends to balloon-bomb the city in the cover of darkness, and then ask them to take dance classes to create a flash-mob in one of Adelaide’s most conservative pubs?

“It’s madness – but it’s what Gemini Downs does best!”

Playing on the same bill as international acts like Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Killers is a dream-come-true for this band, whose members hail from every corner of Australia.

“We are more than excited about playing at this amazing festival,” said Ms Braithwaite.

“We’ve played a few festivals, but nothing as huge as this. It’s definitely the kind of atmosphere that suits our fun and energetic style of music though – plenty of sunshine and space to dance.”

Audiences can expect a kicking horns section, tap dancing beats, wacky on-stage antics and a few terrible jokes, just for good measure. It’s all part of the charm that is Gemini Downs.

Gemini Downs finished 2012 in a big way, with ‘Jangle’ debuting at the top spot on Triple J’s national Unearthed chart; the song holding the number one spot for two weeks.

The band is set to launch their second EP in 2013, recorded with former head of Sony Music Australia, Wayne Ringrow, at Chapel Lane Studios.

Fronted by Ten News reporter Jessica Braithwaite and her not-so-little brother Sean, the band features the charming Scott Woollett on baritone sax, the sassy Lauren Fowler on alto sax, the rock solid Wade Francis on drums, the wacky Emma Hickmott on clarinet and her specially made jangle stick – and you know those bobble head toys you sometimes see in people’s cars? That’s double bassist Paul Thorsen when he’s on stage.

‘Jangle’ is still available for free download on Triple J Unearthed.

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