Adelaide Fringe 2013 – 3 Acquaintances – The Crown and Anchor

Someone recently said to me that there is so much comedy in the Adelaide Fringe in 2013 that there should be a separate comedy festival – and I am inclined to agree with them. The Adelaide Fringe has three distinct tiers of comedy now – the top national and international comedians who command sell-out shows every night, the pretty funny up-and-coming acts and the terribly unfunny people who made a joke once at a Christmas party and have entered the festival on the strength of that joke.

3 Acquaintances fits, happily, into the middle tier of shows. Whilst not pant-wettingly funny at all times, this show – which centres around the loosely connected main characters of a boring accountant, a mysterious – and apparently trustworthy – real estate agent and a town drunk, played brilliantly and with sickening hilarity by Jarrad Parker – has a number of solid laughs, and demonstrates the skill of the cast in combining a wittily written script and some (albeit not enough) off-the-cuff improvisation.

Describing the plot in any great detail would shatter much of the hilarity, not to mention destroy the spontaneity of the show. So instead all I will say is that this is not the most polished show you will see in the Fringe. Nor are the cast amongst the most gifted actors in Australia. However, this is a truly entertaining hour-long show in the real vein of the Adelaide Fringe Festival – if you want to unearth some hilarious new talent and perhaps be able to say in future years that you saw the cast of The 3 Acquaintances when they were performing at the ‘Cranker’ in 2013, then this is the show for you.


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