FILM – Pacific Rim – 3K

pacific_rim-wideBy Peter Maddern

Once more the world is faced with an apocalypse and near certain destruction. Massive sea faring creatures are destroying our cities one by one and the best efforts of nations can’t seem to do much about it, until….

Pacific Rim is the latest Hollywood, holiday blockbuster to play out good against evil through reviving the careers of former combat warriors (this time in the form of Charlie Hunnam), aided by a pretty woman (Rinko Kikuchi), when all others are shown to be fallible. While a well-meaning general in charge (always it seems an Afro American, this time Idris Elba) does his best, weird scientists acting as skunks beaver away at exposing the weaknesses of the foe and thus the way to the world’s ultimate salvation. In Pacific Rim, it is Hong Kong that is the scene of the action.

If nothing else, Pacific Rim must go close to the film with the biggest CGX budget in history, all beefed up in 3D but after the opening scenes, nothing much new happens, though the volume notch is sustained throughout hard up against the 10 mark. Of course, that means the script is somewhat banal and the character development wafer thin.

Some attempts at humour creep in after the first hour but they are somewhat half hearted – a father and son combination strut around with what I think are meant to be Australian accents but which sound rather more South African, but whatever they are nearly incomprehensible and there is some meanie in gold shoes that we are meant to relate to. But for the most part I think the execs at Warner Brothers may have feared too much humour would have blown their scriptwriting budget and have risked giving the game away as to what well worn crap this story represents.

Pure and simple this is a teenage fantasy flick for those with not much else to occupy their days. Of the most recent batch, coming up against World War Z and Man of Steel, it would take an idle mind and a similarly possessed $20 to warrant this 140 minute indulgence.

It is a bit sad to reflect that the major studios now have it seems budgets for only two films a year – this shock and awe extravaganza and something half decent for Oscar season. It doesn’t leave much for the other ten months of the year, especially as the overlap between those audiences is minimal.

Pacific Rim is what it is – if that suits go see, you won’t leave disappointed;  if not or if you already apocalypsed out, don’t fear you are missing out.

Kryztoff Rating   3K

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