OZASIA – Not According To Plan – Leigh Warren Dancers – 4K

413x264_OzAsia2013By Peter Maddern

There is a great richness to the balance Leigh Warren has struck between the diverse elements of this production. For while, Not According To Plan, is part of the OzAsia Festival, this work very much seems to be about ‘AdAsia’, a showcase of those who have been influenced by or who have come to influence this town.

In three parts, NATP opens with a barren landscape where Xiao Xiong himself contemplates his beginning and completes with his Taiwanese student, Yuan-Li Wang, one of the highlights of the hour where it seems the older is remembering his youth and wishing to lead it on an improved path.

Tearing back that vista for the second movement reveals four pieces of furniture designed by Khai Liew, three as stools and one as an elliptical low table.  Two of Warren’s favourite dancers, Rebecca Jones and Aidan Munn then come together and work between the pieces.

The grey and then dark mauve costumes designed by Alistair Trung are then emotively lit up by Geoff Cobham’s handiwork, providing at times a stunning perspective to the forms of all the dancers.

That great richness referred to previously is the way in which all these highly talented artists come to together, none dominating the other, none subservient but rather enhancing the themes of triumph over adversity, the journey of an extraordinary man and the assured direction of Warren.

It can only be hoped Not According To Plan gets a better opportunity than these three shows gave it. For this is one of the finer pieces of work by LWD and it various statements about life and its struggles and the ability of this town to punch above its weight thanks to the accepting culture that exists will resonate, even were it to be without Xiong’s actual presence, in other places at other times – hopefully not too far hence.

Kryztoff’s Rating   4K

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