Adelaide Film Festival 2013 – Behind the Veil

There are few things more topical in 2013 than the treatment of women in Islamic countries around the world. A composition of short films focussing on issues concerning Muslim-women throughout the world, Behind the Veil focusses a lens on subjects which are often taboo or misunderstood.

This compilation includes an exploration of the way modern Australian society projects its own views in Jason Di Rosso’s The Woman on the Top Floor, a haunting, risky protest over women’s rights to education in Afghanistan in The Death Row, a Moroccan girl’s debasement and entrapment – all because she dared to dream of a better life with her lover – in The Curse,  the bold defiance of custom, law and patriarchy by a desperate but kind young Saudi Arabian widow in Sanctity, and finally an unorthodox perspective on the hatred of neofascist racists for a young Jewish boy and his beautiful (secret) Muslim girlfriend in No Love Lost.

Although there is some discrepancy between the quality of the films (with standouts being the utterly suspenseful No Love Lost and the beautifully directed Sanctity), this concept works well to highlight the harsh reality facing women of all cultural backgrounds in the Islamic world today.


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