VISUAL ART – Ephemeral by Genevieve Brandenburg – from 19 Feb – Regal Theatre

DL Portrait Flyer Single PrintEPHEMERAL



Ephemeral is the title of the upcoming solo exhibition by Adelaide-based portrait photographer Genevieve Brandenburg. Showing at the Regal Theatre, a beautiful Art Deco cinema in Kensington, throughout February and March, Ephemeral will showcase a selection of artist portraits of established, emerging, local and international artists, including the 2013 Stencil Art Prize ‘World’ Category winner David Soukup of Chicago; seasoned street artist Vans the Omega; emerging actor Alex Williams who played Julian Assange in ‘Underground: The Julian Assange Story’; and Melbourne-based illustration/street art duo Creature Creature.

Brandenburg’s method of portraiture draws on a personally crafted and unique interview process. During a private session with each subject, Brandenburg uncovers important aspects of the artist’s career, their personal story, their earliest memories and their most significant artistic moments. She then skilfully culminates the potent feelings discovered in the interview into a single black-and-white film portrait. 

Brandenburg’s artist portraits capture the fleeting feelings and ephemeral memories of the artist’s career and preserve them in a pure, stark portrait that lasts long after the moment has subsided. These portraits give tangible form to the story of the artist and bring it to life.

Genevieve Brandenburg is an emerging artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. Primarily a portrait photographer, her passion lies with interviewing and photographing artists, musicians and creative individuals about their practices and connections to art. Genevieve also works as an illustrator and has shown at several well-known Adelaide art galleries including the SASA Gallery, Espionage Gallery and Urban Cow. Her website can be found at

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