FRINGE – 50 Years of Doctor Who: Preachrs Podcast Live 2! – Box Factory Community Centre

By Heather-Jean Moyes

The Doctor celebrated! In this fun tribute to Doctor Who, hosts Benjamin Maio Mackay and Rob Lloyd take you through a tour of all things Whovian. Not dissimilar to the wonderful BBC show Doctor Who – The Doctors Revisited it profiles all of the Doctors, his companions and enemies through time.

The guys obviously know their stuff. Mackay the writer and originator, frames the material by setting up a kidnap situation where, he and Lloyd need to reintroduce the Doctors to the Darleks, who have forgotten who Doctor Who is, or be exterminated. We the audience are all part of the kidnap scenario. Neat as this set up is, it’s not what drives the show. The show itself is engaging because we are treated to well written witty quips, a comic stand up routine and fun interactive moments where we are asked to vote on favourites or come up on stage and win prizes.

Yes, I did say prizes! Lloyd, a Doctor obsessive, (He also hosts The Science of Doctor Who) not only dishes out facts, he gives the audience accurate and insightful interpretations of many of the performances given by the actors in the Doctor’s world. I would have liked a few more images of our ‘faves’ on screen, especially the girls, but the show was completely entertaining for fans and kids with pre-recorded special guest video appearances from stars of the show.

Be warned – working voice shattering Darleks greet you as you arrive. I, and my companions survived. Photo opportunities with bossy ‘walking’ talking Darleks, the Tardis and a Cyberman ensure that you will remember the occasion. We will.

Where: At the Box Factory Community Centre. Running from Fri 14 to Sun 16th – Sunday 16 Feb 2:00pm and 7:30 still open for bookings.

Kryztoff Rating   4.5K

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