FRINGE – Alex Frayne – In Dreams – Fisher Jeffries Foyer – 4K

1601357_10152128941972517_544344582_nBy Peter Maddern

Alex Frayne is arguably Adelaide’s finest landscape photographer and if not that then certainly he is one of its hardest working. Barely a few days will pass before he uploads new images to his Facebook page taking advantage of fading light, especially upon the change of the weather. Many of these go towards his Noir series of images and it is from the second of these that that this collection of 15 ‘dreams’ is drawn.

Many photographers, like other visual artists, seem content or determined to be only known by one style, but Frayne constantly pushes the boundaries and this exhibition highlights his inventiveness.  In Arrow, you have an image that seems to reference Jeffrey Smart and in Mt Lofty Study there are memories of Frederick McCubbin. Yet, then there are his intense but pleasurable sunsets and a field of cows contently mooing away as a storm approaches.

Good photography is very much about seeing the final images before it gets taken and with Frayne he adds to this sense of eye with his workings with lenses that uplift the outcome without being at risk at overwhelming it – Infra Red Moreton is perhaps the best example.

For mine, the best on show (most at the very reasonable $900 price) was Outbound through fog taken at the turn off taken at Mt Osmond on the SE Freeway. It is a delightful take on curves and lights and atmosphere but your favourites could well be ascribed to any of the images on display.

Also, be sure to enjoy his Jetty Jumper, the portrait of the 70 year old from Glenelg, which made it to the final of the 2012 National Portrait Prize.

Frayne has produced a visually entertaining but small exhibition that is worth the lunch time wonder if you are in the Gouger Street area.

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