FRINGE – Chris Radburn ‘Breaking Rad’ – 3.5K

Radburn has a great stage presence. His show is full of warm energy and humour and he has the immediate ease and blithe attitude of a natural stand up performer. The Piglet in Gluttony was overflowing with laughter for his one hour set.

Over the course of his show Radburn discusses his life, his children and his stand up career. With sordid wit Radburn reveals his inner monologue and the disgusting and hilariously despicable tales of his new family. Radburn displayed a strong sense of self awareness. This allowed him to self-depreciate during his discussions, which added another layer of humour.

The abundance of swearing was tolerable, even humorous, however this comedy crutch was over relied upon. Radburn’s jokes were delivered well and at points it felt his addition of curses were unnecessary.

Radburn involved the audience well, keeping the banter light and the jokes flowing. He knew his audience and worked off of them well. His humour, while low brow, was clever and well tailored.

Overall the jokes were well timed and performed, the material light yet erudite. Radburn combines the Aussie yarn with classical comedic storytelling, culminating in a hysterical show.


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