FRINGE – Stuart Bowden: She Was Probably Not a Robot – Tuxedo Cat – 3.5K

Stuart Bowden: She Was Probably Not a Robot, is an endearing mix of silly, sweet and macabre.

The end of the world is not nigh, it’s here. The apocalypse is upon us and everyone is dead. If you’re lucky, you might even find out how you died. Well, almost everyone is dead; there is a sole survivor, a man left alone in the world, trying to find a way to go on with life when those he loved are gone. Then, the unexpected arrival of Celeste, an intergalactic visitor with a remarkable hobby, brings about a new friendship and opens up the possibility of a different future.

The plot isn’t exactly complex, the staging bare and the props often akin to a primary school craft project or simply suggested rather than physical. However, this is all part of the show’s charm and the writing is both funny and beautiful. Bowden engages the audience with his quirky, adorable, childlike manner, as he weaves a tale full of dark material and yet manages to make it very amusing and highly enjoyable.

This is a delightful show, not afraid to delve into the realms of absurdity and serving up its humour in various shades of black, while managing to maintain a comprehensible storyline and make some poignant observations about life.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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