FRINGE – Kraken – Tuxedo Cat @ Raj House – 4K

To the beautiful sounds of Regina Spektor, Trygve Wakenshaw takes to the stage to show off his impressive physicality and delightful humour. He is not afraid to bare all to do this.

This short show is apparently a work in progress as Wakenshaw experiments with different characters and audience reactions. It is roughly structured around several characters including the archer, the juggler, and the hula-hoop twirler. As each engages in their favourite activity, the absurdity of their movements and the cheekiness of Wakenshaw’s portrayal combine to create some irreverent, absurd comedy.

Even in this early stage, Wakenshaw has managed to use his considerable clowning abilities to make a show that is quirky, charming, non-threatening and just plain fun. Who knows whether it will morph into something with more of a storyline in the future. For now, each of the segments is enjoyable in their own right and together they offer a half hour of hilarity.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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