by Heather-Jean Moyes
Wayne Deakin was very good! He played airhost (or cabin crew) to the front two rows! Gave them drinks and all! He really shone as he connected with the audience in ad lib moments. His impromptu comedy was well honed! He relayed stories and jokes about airlines and they were entertaining. However I was surprised they were not updated by recent Qantas events! And I hope the tragic events, of the last 24 hours doesn’t put you off. There’s definitely no reference to Malaysia. The routine is funny partially because of airline foible recognition but really because he engages the punters and creates a relationship. His forte is ad libbing with the audience – definitely his funniest moments! Worth the airfare. Catch a flight – Sun 9th and Tues 11th thru Sun 16th at The Producer’s Garden. Rating 3.5k

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