THEATRE – Company – Stirling Community Theatre

Image by Mark Anolak

Image by Mark Anolak

By Peter Maddern

There is much to like about the Hills Musical Company’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company, currently on at the delightfully musty Stirling Theatre.

For starters, the HMC have eschewed an easy path by going with one of the well-known musicals, yet chosen a Sondheim gem that contains great tunes, lyrics and humour. Secondly, it has resisted the temptation of so many to wire all performers up like Madonna; an annoying habit of so many theatre shows that denies the audience an appreciation of particular singers’ extra talents and the full nuance of their voice. And thirdly, but not least, under Fiona Delaine’s stage direction and Mark Delaine’s musical direction, Company moves at a hearty pace aided and abetted by an excellent cast.

The story, or lack of it, in Company revolves Robert (Josh Barkley), a bachelor still in his mid-30s, as he takes in observations and advice from his various friends of the pitfalls and potential of marriage. It is all set in New York and incorporates the full complement of that town’s neuroses which even if Sondheim’s work is not familiar to you one will recognise from the likes of Woody Allen’s films.

All in all, Company is a fine way to spend an evening and enjoy the fruits of a local musical group that continues to produce the most entertaining shows.

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