FRINGE 2016: The Naked Magicians – 4.5K

By Anthony Nguyen

10576_TNM---New-image_EFUL_GUIDEBeing on the fringe circuit for several years now, Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler return as The Naked Magicians at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe this year. Highly energetic and enthusiastic performers, Wayne and Tyler serve as great comedic hosts for a fun night out with lots of raunchy magic and bare nakedness.

Armed with items such as a sex doll and a large inflatable penis, the sexually-charged theme of the show is clearly set. Wayne and Tyler add a saucy twist to their magical acts through sexual jokes, puns, hip thrusts, and lots of grinding. Playfully exposing their well-defined bodies, they are comfortable with stripping down, revealing their bare bottoms and even a penis or two.

In typical magic show fashion, Wayne and Tyler incorporate the audience as much as they can during the tricks, bringing up many different audience members to assist them with the performances. The show clearly requires a lot of audience participation and the audience were completely receptive through the magicians’ playful and provocative attitude.

Consisting of many magic tricks of different varieties up their sleeve, Wayne and Tyler do not fail to wow and amaze the audience with card tricks, mind games and a hilarious straightjacket escape. Though some tricks were slightly more predictable than others, the magicians’ performance made it extremely entertaining. However, the raw sexual comedy overpowers the magic itself at times, resulting in making us forget it’s a magic show until the trick reveals.

Located in the Octagon stage at Gluttony, The Naked Magicians show continues throughout the Adelaide Fringe performing most nights until February 21st. Bring all your girlfriends (and guy friends) and as the Naked Magicians would quote: prepare to be thrilled with some full frontal ‘sexy ass magic’.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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