FRINGE 2016 – CABARET – Peter Goers in Actors Drunks etc – 4.5K

Peter Goers Image (5)By Peter Maddern

Like the chocolate frog, Peter Goers can be rightly considered an icon of this state, a living treasure in a time when too few remain. His enigmatic style is as much encapsulated by this show finding its way into the ‘Cabaret’ portion of the voluminous Fringe guide (with not a musical instrument in sight) as it is as often called by reference to ‘actors and drunks and babies’ and it is about ‘old people having a good time’.

For the first 45 minutes of this story telling fest, delivered with infectious goodwill and enthusiasm, Goers relates in a red silk dressing gown with a quaint white scarf firmly affixed around his neck. For the last stanza it is a cream jacket of such a delicious hue that one would choose to lick it rather than a Magnum White ice-cream in search of favour – and we all thought Richie Benaud had the hold on the most celebrated off-white jacket this country has known.

From Peter Allen to Dame Joan Hammond, Toni LaMonde to Frank Thring and Betty Davis to Barry Humphries, Goers’s stories of these greats are terrific fun, done in a style nearly now lost in the tents of Garden of Unearthly Delights, infused with many a hint of the aforementioned Humphries, the earnest knowledge of film critic Bill Collins and the flamboyance of the great Peter Ustinov.

Being a relative spring chicken in the audience, many of the fables were of just names alone, some spiced maybe some faint memories, but this hardly derogated from enjoying quality yarns brilliantly told.

Peter Goers is great and this show is a gem.


Kryztoff Rating 4.5K

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