FRINGE 2016: The Amy Winehouse Show – Back to Black – 4K


By Amy Nancarrow

Renowned jazz singer Amy Winehouse may have lived a short and tragic life, but she could certainly sing. She has been posthumously crowned as one of the greats by jazz legend Tony Bennett – Winehouse’s personal hero – and it has been almost unanimously declared that she was one of the most talented singers of the early 21st century.

One thing that the members of The Amy Winehouse Show exude is a love for their fallen idol. Singer Atlanta Coogan is a spooky dead ringer for the late star; close your eyes and you’d swear that you were listening to an old Winehouse record. Dressed in a quintessential Winehouse black beehive and 1950s style outfit, Coogan effortlessly belts out hits like Back to Black, Tears Dry On Their Own, Valerie, and classic hit Rehab. The set was mainly focussed on Winehouse’s second album, Back to Black, with only one song performed from her first and more authentically jazz-based album, Frank.

Equally, The Little Big Band were fantastic. With two saxophonists, bassist, electric guitar, and percussionists, the band were always on the ball, helping Coogan out with some vocal troubles mid-way through the show (though you wouldn’t know it – if that’s what she sounds like when she’s losing her voice, her full range must be incredible).

The one point of contention would be the small tidbits of information throughout the show about Winehouse’s life. Whilst interesting, these short monologues at times interrupted the flow of the performance.  Despite this, the performance was a great tribute to the late jazz legend, with a spectacular performance from Atlanta Coogan.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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