Fringe 2016: Nicole Henriksen is Makin it Rain – 4.5K

Makin it Rain is unlike any show you have seen before. An upfront and confronting look at the sex work and stripping industries in Australia interlaced with laugh out loud comedy and a frank discussion of a dancer’s portrayal in society.

Nicole takes the audience on a journey through her life, a very personal and raw tale of decisions, dancing and feminist ideals. A natural performer, Nicole’s persona on stage is flawless, swapping easily between idolised and sexualised erotic dancer and melancholic story teller. Heart wrenching lows are contrasted with hilarious client or industry tales, all of which are delivered with exceptional timing.

This is a show that has been a long time coming, a revealing and open discussion of the stripping industry which answers the long held questions about becoming and working as an exotic dancer. Critically analysing each decision in her life, Henriksen laces her life story with well versed feminist theory while uncovering many of the stereotypes surrounding the industry.

Henriksen creates a warm and comfortable space for her audience and through the intimate production reveals a lot more of herself (physically and emotionally) than you might expect.

This is a very unique performance and one which deserves a wider audience. A very honest and at times humorous production, it is definitely worth seeing this Fringe.


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