FRINGE 2016: Escape from Wonderland – 4K


By Amy Nancarrow.

Escape from Wonderland is an interactive game, scavenger hunt, and race around Adelaide’s CBD. Beginning in Hindmarsh Square, your team has one hour to solve as many clues as possible, avoid various characters, and make it back before time runs out. Run by CityDash and London-based company Fire Hazard, Escape from Wonderland is a family-friendly event, and each and every actor puts in a hundred percent to make sure that you actually feel like you’ve fallen into Lewis Carroll’s magical world.

Working in teams of 2-6 people, armed with a map and a smart phone that updates clues every five minutes, participants have to dash around town to find keys, each one with a name attached. Around every corner lurks the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, or the White Rabbit. If they see you, points are deducted from your team (and you are notified via the web page), but if you run and hide, you may get off scot-free.

The game is well planned; the only gripe would be that perhaps a smart phone app would have been better for the game, instead of accessing a web page – the web page was sometimes slow and a little cluttered. Apart from that, Escape from Wonderland is a fantastic afternoon out for the family – although there were plenty of adults there in teams dashing about.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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