Fringe 2016: Wayne Carter Teaches You To Be Fabulous – 4K

Wayne Carter returns to his home of Adelaide after several years of living and performing in London to share his hilarious and outrageous stories. From his (mis) adventures at a school camp to his sexcapades through the UK and Europe, Wayne delivers sordid and humorous tales.

The show employs a number of musical interludes, all an opportunity for Carter to demonstrate his dancing abilities. At one point he invited an audience member on stage and was clearly surprised to see the participant dancing so well and enthusiastically.

Wayne’s first solo show is a hit, he has clearly identified his audience and they laugh uproariously at his jokes. This entertainingly lecherous show is a huge amount of fun, perfect for a mid week laugh!

Head along to the Griffin’s Head hotel to see ‘the most normal member’ of the Carter family performing from 8:45pm every night except Sunday.


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