The Independent Project presents: The Last 25 – Edinburgh Castle Hotel – 5K

The Independent ProjectBy Olivia Henry

The Independent Project presents: The Last 25 is the final instalment of an epic trilogy featuring music throughout the decades. This year, The Independent Project played the greatest hits from the last 25 years, and as a 24 year-old, I was delighted to find that I knew – literally – EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. on their list.


Before I go any further, I need to mention that I know these guys. The bass player is a good friend of mine, and I had to keep in mind that my review needed to be honest and unbiased. However, I overheard three people say they now want this band to play at their wedding. Another few people grabbed me to ask me if they could come to future shows and thanked me repeatedly for inviting them along; and after sending an initial review to a third party who also went to the show, I was told I wasn’t being passionate enough and that I didn’t need to hold back from giving them the praise they deserve. So here we go.


The Independent Project is a 4 piece band with witty, down to earth guys who also happen to be bursting with talent. The brilliant drummer, Chris Neale, sang One Week by Barenaked Ladies (while drumming!?!!) without missing a beat and left the audience speechless. Hilarious bass player, Laurence May, kept the banter alive between songs and ensured even the safety announcements made the audience giggle. Infinitely cool pianist/guitarist, Julian Opie, jumped into the crowd, much to the excitement of the girls around him; and the incredibly versatile lead singer/guitarist, Max Garcia-Underwood, nailed everything from gangster rap to Taylor Swift.


With great music, dancing, and a lot of laughs, this show has a bit of everything. And thankfully, the covers aren’t lame or cheesy, either. Whether they’re mashing John Mayer with Ed Sheeran or expertly juggling the audience participation from Outkast’s Hey Ya and Timberlake’s Senorita, they make performing look like another Friday night jam sesh. Having just returned from a cruise where an experienced, 7-piece band supported by a backing track didn’t impress me, I was surprised at what a 4-piece could do. This band is tight.


The Last 25 show is finished for now, but keep an eye on this band, because judging from previous years, their shows will only get better.




Check out their Facebook page for future shows and bookings.

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