DANCE – Mortal Condition – The Space – 3.5K

InsiteArts-Moral Corruption_daniel purvis_DSC_4245By Peter Maddern

Once we lamented lives spent in front of the giggle box. Now, things have turned more concerning with many of the younger generations spending lives being a gamer – playing computer games endlessly without a hint of sunlight interrupting them.

Multi-award winning dancer, Larissa McGowan has now taken the time to shine a light on this world on the stage at The Space in her dance show Mortal Condition. The performance is in two parts with the first being her and Thomas Bradley working to Mike Patton’s album Adult Themes. The work is a gem of fun and invention with both performers, but particularly Bradley (in appropriately daggy clothing), gyrating, contorting, having spasms that give a surprising and mysterious rhythm to the sounds. At times they display synchronicity, others competition all the while sustaining a sense of isolation about their dance.

The second part works to a composition by DJ Trip (with a base boom that was rattling the railings in The Space) where the staging – seven enormous computer sound cards (or their ilk) become less backdrop than screen with various game characters appear mimicking the scores of kills and of being killed played out by the dancers, mainly McGowan and Kialea-Nadine Williams.

For me the first part worked much better but lovers of modern dance will enjoy the whole experience.

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

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