FRINGE EVENTS – Kapunda ghost crime tour – 4K

by Riccardo Barone

imagesEmily, the little child who doesn’t like men entering in her room. A murderer killed and then buried by another mysterious one on the same night he committed a terrible homicide. A man, depressed and drunk because his wife cheated on him, came back home and with a knife rip his guts out and almost de-headed himself. Many other delicious real stories spin around the North Kapunda Hotel, stories absorbed by the walls of the hotel’s rooms.

After a brief introductive clip visitors are ready to go downstairs in the old cellar where the well prepared guide introduces the tour in the city. The infested  old chapel, which nowadays is the Kapunda music society, is up to release permission to be visited inside the premises. At the moment is possible to have a look from the outside, as well as the haunted police station. In all these places murders has been committed and ghosts are keen to manifest their presence. There are many other apparitions in some streets of the city, such as the ghost car accident happened just round the hotel’s corner.

After a short coffee break everyone is ready to explore the hotel rooms. Every room has a particular story; flashes of visitors camera aim to capture some paranormal phenomenon as well as audio recordings done in absolute silence.

It is an exciting night spent between reality and mystery, tension and history, pleasure of the unexpected, inspiration for creatives and artists.

Kryztoff Rating  4K



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