Puppetry of the Penis – The Garden – 3K

This show is nuts… literally. Heading into the Garden of Unearthly Delights on the opening weekend of the Fringe is enough to get any reviewer in the mood for an interesting show, while this is not exactly my usual genre Puppetry of the Penis delivers exactly what the blurb says and is a light-hearted piece of entertainment every Fringe goer should experience once. After doing the rounds for a number of festivals, the 2017 edition features a new cast, some pop culture jokes and a number of new ‘positions’ which delighted some members of the audience, especially those sitting front and centre who gleefully participated when call upon.

If you are shy with full frontal nudity this is (obviously) not the show for you but if you have the balls to see something different and don’t want to have to think too hard, head on in, even if it’s just to watch how the other audience members react to the ‘Eiffel Tower’ or ‘classic hamburger’. I would not recommend attempting to recreate any the moves at homes but there is plenty of ammunition for puns.

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