The Wine Bluffs – RCC – 4K


With arrogant ignorance and eloquent bullshit, Damian and Paul have pulled together one of the most hilarious shows at this year’s Fringe. The Wine Bluffs is an hour of chaotic wit, a brilliant display of Callinan and Calleja’s humour.

A show perfectly suited to Adelaide, where wine wankers are as readily available as bad pinot. The Wine Bluffs provides a number of spectacular lessons on wine and the industry. Some key ones include: how to sniff wine, how to keep bogans out of wine country and how to open a bottle using only a boot and a hard surface,

Callinan and Calleja are the perfect couple, so well entwined with each other’s performing style and rolling smoothly between segments. Aptly picking up on audience participation (and in several cases pushing for it) while keeping the show to the point and always returning to jokes. Some of the jokes weren’t as well received as planned, but these were quickly brushed aside with fresh humour. Some jokes need to be refined as they currently weren’t hitting the mark and unfortunately there won’t always be a baby in the audience to riff with.

An entertaining and insightful show, filled to the brim with targeted humour and awful wine advice. Definitely worth seeing this Fringe.


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