FRINGE 2017 – Escape Hunt: Spy on the Beach – 3.5K


By Amy Nancarrow.

Escape Rooms are all the rage these days, and Escape Hunt Adelaide is exhibiting the special “Spy on the Beach” as part of the Adelaide Fringe.

Spy on the Beach is based on the true story of a mysterious death of a John Doe who was found on Somerton Beach in 1948. Armed with nothing but a mysterious note with phone number that led police to a local Russian woman, the mystery of the Spy still baffles scientists and police to this day.

It’s hard to review Spy on the Beach without giving away all of the critical clues and interesting hidden surprises. All I’ll say is that Spy on the Beach is not what it seems. You may be a bit underwhelmed when you enter the room, but I can promise you that as the hour goes on your interest levels will be piqued.

Everyone loves a good spy story, and this one captivates. Clues to proceed are found in interesting and creative locations, and the Escape Hunt team are on hand to give you a helping hand when you need some direction.

Spy on the Beach is 100% family friendly, and you can either split into groups or solve the clues together. The rooms are a little on the small side, so 4 people to a room seems would be an ideal number. Any more, and it may become cramped. The Escape Hunt team are very helpful, and are there to ensure that you have the best possible time solving the mystery of the Russian spy.

If you’ve never done an Escape Room before, give it a go. Even the most cynical amongst you will be drawn into the puzzle.

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